Ajwa Afsoon Eid Collection 2014
Afsoon Summer Collection-14 Vol-1 by Ajwa Textile (EID Special) illustrate the energy of women and perform the fearlessness and blessing of ladies all the nation and globally as well. Pakistani fashion has expand and bloom together in the growing of environments of fashion planet. After all Pakistan arrive into journey its fashion and styling has been historically emerge from various appearance and make its unique name as well as character and clearly since many years they playing a leading role in national and internal market both. Lawn delirium still sustain in South Asian countries where 40 to 50 temperature in summer.

Ajwa Textile Afsoon Eid Collection 2014-2015
The fever of lawn is back in now. In summer season, the country name should be alternated because "Lawn" because these lawn this word is most hearing then Pakistan. In the international fashion markets our country is going to be famous with the name of "Lawnistan" and it is this news is also published in several news papers. Once again Ajwa Textile is back with stylish twist on the traditional for spring-summer season-14 by combine innovative pastels with brilliant shinning to produce colourful sense of balance. The designs and prints of this collection are inspired by the assortment of flourishing flowers, loco-motes overseas and firm for women of every ages. The Textile Company has applied refreshing colours, resurrect and resist formal wiseness. Here Fashion Hunt World has share some dresses which are acquired from the Ajwa Textile's Newest Collection just for aware you about latest fashion trends. Here in this collection, marvellous lawn dresses in 3 piece / 4 piece formates that are embellished with digital prints and embroidery. This collection is specially designed and launched for Eid season.

Dress Detailing:

  • Embroidered Front: 1.25m
  • Back: 1.25m
  • Sleeves: 1m
  • Dubatta: 2.50m
  • Cotton Shalwar Prints: 2.50m
  • Tassel:
  • Lace:

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