Finally, everyone takes deep breath now, because we say goodbye to the hot summer season. And with the respective hug, we say welcome to the winter season, which is favorite of everyone. Well, we have a number of remarkable clothing brands who are available in the fashion market with their new winter collections. Recently, Kayseria has launched its Latest Masters Collection 2014-2015 for women. In recent times, Kayseria has recoil; it’s timely and upper-class warm dress collection 2014-2015 Kayseria Winter Dresses. This exclusive dress collection has been especially designed and launched for the cold winter season. Well, this time Kayseria has introduced artistic print collections and their printing is inspired from Harry Wearne Posters. Do you know Harry Wearne?

Presenting To You, Kayseria's Winter 2014 Masters Collection,  a tribute to Harry Wearne
Well, Harry Wearne is a famous artist who is well known due to his floral posters and paintings; he was born in London 1852. He left for Paris around 1873 to work for Pierre Gillou, the wallpaper manufacturer. He was in Alsace when war broke out in 1914 and has an exciting escape when it fell under German rule getting though Switzerland to England and then to New York where he began life from scratch virtually penniless. At this time he began designing fabrics, which were all hand block printed at Stead McAlpin, transported by the British Navy for sale in America. Wearne built up a collection of designs over the next 15 years based around the ideal of artistic virtue. He has come to be celebrated as one of the masters of printmaking with historic relevance in design and art. This winter, Kayseria pays tribute to the man and his extraordinary work with its Master’s Collection, an embodiment of select prints and patterns, re-imagined for the winter wardrobes of Kayseria’s patrons. Paired with extraordinary fine winter fabrics, and pure wool shawls, Harry Wearne’s work comes to life. These designs are named for the Chinese, in which butterflies are flaying leaves. These prints are giving you the effect of freshness and sunshine, with small quaint old-fashioned plants, many of which are not heard of nowadays. Hope you like these different patterned dresses.

 Kayseria Masters Collection 2014-15 For Winter

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